Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Sewage in the Laundry Room

This customer had water damage after their sump pump backed up. This brought sewage and water up through the pipes of her basement and all over laundry room. It... READ MORE

Water Damage Can Quickly Lead to Mold

When water makes its way into a basement, it usually has nowhere else to go if pipes are blocked. If action is not taken quickly it can lead to structural damag... READ MORE

Water Affects More Than Just The Floors

This customer had a pipe burst that caused extensive flooding throughout their whole basement. Unfortunately, the carpet needed to be removed from the entire ba... READ MORE

Sewage on Laundry Room floor

After an unseasonable amount of rain this past fall, many basements in the Oak Park-River Forest area got sewage back up in their basements. Our crews were all... READ MORE

Frozen Pipes Can Cause A Lot of Damage

The owners of this Oak Park house were out of town for a month when their pipes froze and burst. No one checked on the house and by the time they arrived home,... READ MORE

Sewage Back Up

This basement had a sewage back up after a main line broke in the street. The sewage came up a foot and affected all the content. Our crews got in there, threw... READ MORE