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Large inside of a church

Commercial Disinfecting

As we adjust to life with Covid-19 and spaces begin to get more foot traffic, our general cleaning services are becoming more popular. From churches, to restaurants, to offices, our teams are getting called frequently to disinfect commercial spaces. Whether you have had a confirmed case or just want to be cautious, we are here to help you feel safe and healthy in your spaces.

bathroom with sewage on floor

Commercial Bathroom Flooded

This bathroom was in a commercial property that flooded with sewage from a pipe in the street that broke.  This company could not afford to be closed for a week while we did all the mitigation.  To help out the owners, our crews, worked day and night to get the business (and bathroom) back to working order.  We worked hard and long for this customer and had them back to business within 3 days.

Broken Glass on building

Commercial Vandalism

A bank had a brick thrown threw their window during business hours on a Saturday.  The bank called our office to have emergency board up done in order to secure the bank.  We had our crew there within an hour and boarded up the window.  The bank was thrilled with our quick response time.

Empty Warehouse

Let SERVPRO Clean Your Warehouse

Let SERVPRO of Oak Park-River Forest clean your warehouse!

The owners of this company rented the warehouse and were ready to move on to a bigger space.  The landlord wanted the warehouse cleaned before the renters moved on.  We were called in to do a thorough cleaning.  We brought in hydraulic lifts and cleaned the ceilings, lights, walls and floors.  The landlord was happy with our work and the warehouse was ready for a new renter.

Let SERVPRO of Oak Park-River Forest clean your commercial space either before you open your company or when you are ready to move on.

Basement and sewage on floor

Get Your Commercial Property Back to Business

If your business has a sewer loss, SERVPRO of Oak Park-River Forest can clean and disinfect within hours so your business can be back to normal.Call SERVPRO for your next water loss.

drying equipment

Commercial Property

SERVPRO of Oak Park-River Forest did an ERP (Emergency Response Plan) on this building months before the loss.  When the company had a pipe burst, the manager knew where to turn off the water because of the ERP and called SERVPRO quickly.  Our team got out there within hours and started the mitigation work quickly.

Drying out a commercial property after water damage needs to be done quicly and efficiently so the company can get back to business quickly. The job was done quicly because the company had SERVPRO do an ERP.

We can provide any business with an Emergency Response Plan (ERP).